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Zoil announces new interactive Twitch talk show: "The Furry Royale"

Twitch Partner Zoil will be combining his love of furries and cringey Tik Toks to create a new royale podcast: "The Furry Royale"

Anyone who is familiar with Zoil's stream knows his immense love for furry culture almost surpasses his love of putting sugar on eggs. With this deep-rooted admiration for humans in wide-eyed cartoon animal costumes, Zoil decided to throw all dignity out the window and start a podcast to showcase the people behind the whiskers. Thus, "The Furry Royale" podcast was announced.

During the podcast, any donation money will go directly to the winner for a professional fursuit dry cleaning because god knows these people don't clean it themselves

The podcast will consist of 8 different animal-typed furries competing to create the best content or conversations to avoid elimination. This will all be hosted by Zoil who is nicknaming himself "The Zookeeper" for each show. 1 contestant will be eliminated every 30 minutes through chat vote, however each person get's one automatic pass if they are brave enough to show the audience their real face.

After multiple rounds of elimination, only one furry will be left on all four paws to claim a victory royale.

While news of this podcast exploded across the deepest trenches of Reddit, even some big Twitch streamers were on-board with joining. Some of the confirmed streamers for Episode 1 of the podcast are Vigors, Sodapoppin, and Sordiway. We heard rumors that Trainwrecks was desperate to join but denied after the werewolf fursona slot was already filled by Jaycgee.

To celebrate Zoil's big announcement, we reached out to some of his friends to send a nice message. While most were too embarrassed to associate with this news, a true friend of Zoil's - Empirrre - was nice enough to give us his statement:

"I'm so proud of Zoil for coming out of the closet and truly embracing how he feels inside. There's absolutely no fucking way me or any of our mutual friends are watching this new show... but hey, good for him" - Empirrre

Beautiful words from such a good friend <3

We are not only excited for Zoil... but proud of him too. We wish him all the best in his fursona journey.

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