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Wantep joins 100 Thieves as new company Co-Owner

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Top Twitch streamer Wantephek signs to 100 Thieves and becomes the youngest E-Sports CEO in history.

Nadeshot announced in an official company statement that Wantep would be joining the 100T Family as a new Co-Owner.

Wantephek (Wantep) has undoubtedly made a name for himself as the greatest streamer on the Twitch platform. His ability to play every new game release with the biggest streamers (how he gets into those lobbies is irrelevant) has skyrocketed his success to a whole new level; and 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot has definitely taken notice. When this news dropped yesterday on Twitter, the first question we asked ourselves was "What took so long?".

100 Thieves is one of the most popular E-Sport organizations right now but ironically not for their E-Sporting abilities. The organization has recently been backpedaling on their original purpose (competitive gameplay) and been focusing on signing Tik-Tokers to create mediocre, Attaway General quality, videos for their Fortnite fanbase to watch. While this was never Nadeshot's intention with the company, over the past few months he began looking for better ways to grow his company while golfing and selling merchandise at an enormous margin despite his teams consistently losing. This is when he turned to the only man he knew could fix his issues.... Wantep.

Nadeshot explaining how 100T was struggling to succeed (Before Wantep joined) -- 08/10/2020

If it wasn't for Wantep's youthful guidance, its very likely 100 Thieves would not be around anymore

When Nadeshot initially reached out for advice, he was left on read in the DM's because Wantep is a busy man who has big things to take care of, such as his Algebra 2 homework. However, Nade knew he desperately needed Wantep for the job and turned to the only other way he knows how to get in contact; by stream sniping. So when Nadeshot saw Wantep doing a $100,000 DayZ bounty, he spent hours trying to snipe into his lobby. When he finally managed to get in, the two talked over the situation and Wantep decided he would join.

The duo immediately starting drafting up a game-plan to get 100 Thieves back on top of the E-Sports scene, as well as re-route the direction of their content creators to be more appealing for anyone over the age of 14. This plan included the following steps:

  1. Get every big streamer on 100 Thieves to host Wantep whenever possible. This is to boost team morale.

  2. Use more creative in-game callouts, such as "Nooooooo Shot" to increase team communication

  3. Listen to "Bitches Love Sosa" before every Fortnite tournament to hype the adolescent team up

  4. Demand all 100T streamers replace the "Clap" bttv emote with "Drake" for an optimized chatting experience

  5. All teams take mandatory "How-To Stream Snipe" course from Wantep to learn the basics of competitive gaming and what it takes to play with the stars

Drake posting his meetup pic with the 100T team when Wantep's signing was in discussion - 09/14/2019

As for the content section of 100T, Wantep has made the big suggestion to get rid of any creator who isn't a 10k+ Andy on Twitch. In his words, "they are completely irrelevant and their host will be meaningless when I have an important bounty to do, so it's time for them to go". One big outside supporter of Nadeshot's decision to bring Wantep into the operation was none other than Shroud himself. Shroud is very familiar with Wantep's work, especially in PubG and H1Z1, and reached out to Peepo Pieces to share a statement once he heard the news.

"Wantep was always there to provide the content on my stream back in the day, and now he's on to bigger-and-better things. His FPS skills and comedic timing are unmatched. If anyone can save 100 Thieves from it's current demise, it's Wantep." - Shroud

We are confident Wantep's leadership within the 100 Thieves organization will turn the operation around for the better. Excited to hear how the new 100T-Wap venture plays out.

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