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Uber Eats goes out of business after snowstorm prevents streamers in Austin, TX from ordering

Streamers in the Austin, TX area are starving since they can't order food delivery during a snowstorm

Streamers are notorious for lacking knowledge on cooking their own food, thus becoming some of the biggest Uber Eats customers. However with Texas reaching record levels of snow currently, this has caused all food delivery services to halt for a few days. While the snowstorm has lasted less than 24 hours, this caused such a massive impact on Uber Eats' that they have to close up shop.

It's estimated that XQC alone accounted for 55% of Uber Eats entire company profits for the month of January

In addition to Uber Eats going out of business, it's being reported that many of these streamers are beginning to starve as they did not stock any food away for the storm. According to our reports, if this snowstorm lasts another 3 days... we could potentially lose a few of our favorite entertainers to starvation. As for some of the streamers though, a little less eating could do them some good.

Popular personality on Twitch "Vigors" tweeted this out earlier, perfectly describing the situation:

If we hear of any more reports, we will be sure to post updates!

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