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U.S President Donald Trump officially declares the NymN News Network as "fake news"

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Donald J. Trump has added yet another news source to his "fake news" list, this one being popular Twitch streamer NymN's "NymN News Network".

Trump holding up his official "fake news" declaration of the NNN at a recent press conference -- 8/28/2020

Trump has never been a huge fan of Twitch as a platform. According to Donald, his campaign slogan to "drain the swamp" does not bode well when every chatroom is filled with frog emotes, which are common swamp amphibians

Anyone would agree that United States president, Donald J. Trump, is known for his open-minded approach to political media outlets. However, his welcoming mindset has negatively evolved over the years since he claims he is being "hatewatched" by news companies such as CNN or NBC. While Trump did admit these news outlet hatewatchers aren't as brutal as a Trainwrecks LSF comment thread, he still believes they are constantly spreading false information regarding his policies. According to our sources, Donald received a Twitch whisper from Normiesreeee69 with a NymN News Network clip spewing false information and he immediately called an emergency press conference.

The NymN News Network is a weekly show produced by soy Twitch streamer NymN where he discusses a variety of current event topics while his chat spams donk-ified versions of popular emotes. This show is revered by NymN's community and Twitch users alike for its high production value, wide variety of topics, and the chat's ability to stay up-to-date on current events without sacrificing precious time to boost their StreamElements stats. However, it seems Trump was not a fan of the show when he last tuned in.

The below clip is what allegedly sparked Donald to call the press conference.

Trump informed us that he was confused when first entering NymN's channel, as the entire chat was posting the same text line: "DonaldPls". He was unsure what they were politely asking him to do and never got a clear answer.

The clip upset Donald, or referred to as Mr Cheeto in the XQC community, due to NymN's mockery of global warming being "fake news". Trump is an avid anti-global warming preacher since he has golfed every day for the past 40 years and it "doesn't feel any hotter to him now than it used to", so seeing this false information spread on a massive news network like NNN was insulting.

Trump held his press conference immediately after hearing the clip. He planned to stream this conference on his Twitch channel but was bullied out of the idea after being called a leech in his offline chat.

"The NymN News Network is riddled with fabricated events to downplay my hard work. I am constantly told to affiliate myself with some sort of "3rd party thing" in his broadcasts and it needs to be clear that I only represent one party.... the winning Republican Party. NymN is fake news." - D. Trump

Trump hopes this press conference will inform the good American folk that certain information on the NymN News Network is said just to farm KKoooona's. Anyone who chooses to believe NymN will be labeled a MAGA hatewatcher and can expect to be banned in Trump's Discord and Twitch channel.

More updates to come on this story in the coming months leading up to the U.S Presidential race.

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