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Twitter announces any accounts with a KPOP profile picture will be banned this Friday

In order to combat the toxicity of K-Pop Fandoms, Twitter is finally taking action against them

Yesterday on Twitter, multiple Twitch streamers were invaded in an ambush worse than the beaches of Normandy. K-Pop stans, more formerly known as social media's little retards, came crawling out of their BTS fan-cam watch parties and decided to attack a few streamers for disliking their favorite group. Most notably, these streamers were 39Daph, Sodapoppin, and Macaiyla.

This Friday (November 20th) at 1:00pm CST, any-and-all Twitter accounts with a K-POP member as the profile picture will be immediately deactivated

During the K-Pop Twitter invasion yesterday, some of the streamers had to deal with unprecedented amount of backlash. An example of the backlash and completely uncalled for attacks toward streamers was in response to one of Macaiyla's workout tweets.

5 Gold Medalist, All-Pro Women's Weightlifting Champion: @taffyjennie a.k.a "lovegood" on Twitter called Macaiyla out for FAKING her Clean and Jerk routine... as Deadlifts are non-existent in the K-Pop world.

(K-Pop stan shares her completely correct, and also deeply wanted, opinion)

Thankfully, streamers and normal functioning Twitter users can breathe a breath of fresh air knowing after Friday their platform will no longer be infested by the second coming of The Flood from Halo. Who knows, maybe Twitch will even remove their shitty K-Pop emotes that literally not a single person on the platform asked for.

If any other streamers get cancelled, we'll be sure to report on it! In the meantime, STAN LOONA #BLINKS4LIFE

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