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Twitch will have to find a NEW new PogChamp after discovering KomodoHype MAGA Support

Twitch just declared KomodoHype as the new face of PogChamp, but might quickly change their mind

The beloved PogChamp emote was removed from Twitch a few months back after news of Gootecks being a cloested MAGA martyr. While Twitch's marketing team scrambled to assemble any sort of plan, the community (like always) came up with a better solution within minutes to rotate PogChamp's daily until they find a permanent one. Now, finally, after a month Twitch has found their newest PogChamp... KomodoHype!

Imagine being a full-time streamer, good connections to Twitch, getting your face as THE PogChamp, and then losing the final poll to a fucking Lizard OMEGALUL

While the community is happy about the decision to make KomodoHype the face of PogChamp, Twitch might have to reverse their decision quickly after speculation of the Komodo Dragon being present during the MAGA Capitol Building Riot. Paparazzi photos leaked of the dragon on top of an armored vehicle during the peak of the riots. The KomodoHype phase may be shorter than expected.

KomodoDragon seen sporting a MAGA hat on a walk around the neighborhood

If we hear any more updates about this breaking story... we will be sure to add additional information.

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