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Twitch Streamer "Yabbe" rushed to hospital after bruising her hip in an extreme flossing incident

Yabbe, Twitch's #1 flosser, bruises her hip in a flossing accident

When it comes to flossing on Twitch, a large majority of people refer to Ninja's amazing New Years Eve incident where the crowd "wasn't showing enough movement". However, a new streamer has taken the crown for "most movement" recently.... and that streamer is none other than Yabbe! However, it seems her insane flossing skills may have costed her big time.

Last night on Yabbe's stream, she decided to hit a victory floss after reaching platinum in Overwatch. This lead to a bruised hip and a trip to the E.R

Yabbe was attempting to re-create her famous yabbeFloss emote, which recently made it's appearance on The Ellen Show!

Ellen discussing the viral "yabbeFloss" emote -- November 2nd, 2020

We hear the accident was not too serious, and Yabbe is set to make a quick recovery. We will be sure to update you all with any news on Yabbe's recovery, but in the meantime.... Floss safely.

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