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Twitch Employee designated to choose Daily PogChamp claims he "Doesn't even know how to type emotes"

It's been made very clear after the past few weeks that Twitch doesn't understand their own website's culture

After seeing Twitch blatantly show the community they don't understand their own website, Peepo Pieces needed to get to the bottom of the mess. Twitch has been doing "daily PogChamp" emotes of different community streamers in an attempt to preserve the essence of "Pog" on their site after Gootecks came out as a closet MAGA member. However, it's clear whoever is running this Willy Wonka Pog operation has no idea what is going on.

Twitch seems to believe that any picture of a streamer with their mouth slightly opened and showing almost 0 emotion qualifies to be the staple emote of their website

After seeing the website be torn apart from the inside-out, we did some detective work and interviewed the employee behind these horrific "Pog" incidents.

The employee chose to remain anonymous (a good call). This is what occurred in the interview:


Peepo Pieces: Good afternoon. Thank you for meeting with us.

Twitch Employee: No problem!

Peepo Pieces: So, as I'm sure you are aware, the community has been quite vocal on these daily PogChamp emotes you've been choosing. What is the process in choosing each day's emote?

Twitch Employee: Is the community not liking it? We honestly thought everyone was loving it. This is news to me

Peepo Pieces: You... haven't seen the flood of negative replies on your Twitter...?

Twitch Employee: Oh, yeah we don't check our Twitter. My boss says replies don't really matter so I just don't check it.

Peepo Pieces: Ok.... moving on. So how do you choose the daily PogChamp?

Twitch Employee: The process is actually quite simple. We have a database of streamers where I can just filter by "mouth open" and pick one. The Amazon executives also wanted us to shove random diversity down everyone's throats, so each day I basically chose a different ethnicity/background.

Peepo Pieces: I mean... everyone knows Twitch is a platform open for diversity. Don't you think it would be better to choose emotes that actually resemble the old PogChamp expression, rather than just a psuedo-diversity carousel? The community loves typing Pog-related emotes, I think you guys owe it to them to pick good ones.

Twitch employee: Well, to be honest, I don't even know how to type emotes in Twitch chat, haha! I'm more of a lurker-type viewer, but I totally love the chat community! They are so funny.

Peepo Pieces: Yeah, we're done here.


We then left the room. No more needs to be said. Get your shit together, Twitch.

May we suggest a good permanent PogChamp:

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