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Twitch CEO (Emmett Shear) announces "No Audio" DMCA Action Plan for Streamers

Since Twitch has no better ideas on how to fix the DMCA issue, they plan to just remove audio completely.

Everyone knows that Twitch is a company best known for their ability to solve platform-wide issues with complete logic and sensibility. With the current DMCA apocalypse sweeping their content creator's VODs faster than Coronavirus hitting the United States, Twitch's actions here are no different than normal. Twitch noticed their feeble "Golden Kappa" marketing distraction attempt was unsuccessful and decided to come up with an incredible alternative solution.

Instead of striking a deal with Music Labels or partnering with their own parent-company's music library (Amazon Music Unlimited), Twitch decided to just delete the problem at it's core and remove audio from their platform entirely

Some leaked photos of the updated UI have been circulating on Reddit, which can be seen below. The previous spot for the volume button is now replaced by a link to Sign Language learning courses, since that is how all streamers will have to interact with their chats.

New Twitch UI - missing audio/volume option completely (Leaked)

Streamers will no longer have any audio on their broadcasts. No music, no game audio, nor even talking into a microphone. Since its clear Twitch Staff believe simple voice communication is considered offensive, this action allows them to appeal to both the blue haired Twitter army AND greedy corporate music labels! A win-win if you ask us!

There will however be one portion of the platform that still has audio... Advertisements! I mean, did you really think Twitch was going to give that part up?

While we aren't surprised that this is the route Twitch decided to take in order to solve their big issue, at least they took any action at all; unlike the hundreds of wrongfully banned streamers sitting in @TwitchSupport purgatory, such as Konzn, Barry74, Stokn, and JumboFlex just to name a few.

But hey... at least we have Golden Kappa's right?

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