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Twitch announces new "Comedy" category. Already plans for a Rivals tournament hosted by Russel

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Twitch has just put out the official announcement for their newest directory category - Comedy.

The new Comedy category finding tremendous success as it peaks to 319k viewers upon release - 8/26/2020

The directory is what makes-or-breaks streamers in this industry. If you don't destroy your community to play the new popular game, you will plateau.

Any active twitch user could describe how important the directory is when it comes to influencing streamers on the content they create. When a new game releases, or an old game is being played by XQC for 15 minutes, it tends to appear on the top of the entire Twitch directory. This means newer Twitch users see said game appear first and are more likely to tune and observe what's happening. Due to this cycle, affiliate streamers riding the edge of partnership status are forced to abandon any hope of originality or dignity and succumb to the Game of Twitch.

Luckily for streamers, Twitch's "Comedy" category introduces a whole new realm where actual effort and creativity are essentials for remaining at the top of the list. This is a major move by Twitch to gain more non-coomer traffic to their site since it will essentially be the non-sexual version of Just Chatting.

A key figure who helped Twitch create this category was the pioneer of internet stand-up comedy... Russel. The Ex-Sodapoppin (and future Wantep) leech, Russel, was formerly known as "ComedyRussell" across all platforms. This username came from Russel's ability to creatively find his way into popular streamer's voice calls and provide the chat comedic relief while the streamer made millions at the top of each game category. When Russel started gaining notoriety from his leeching, he did what all leeches do and downloaded OBS.

(Russel headlining the NYC Comedy Club circa 2015)

"I was known at every dive bar on the East Coast as 'Comedy'. From the moment I brought my talent to Twitch, it was only a matter of time before the whole world took notice. When Twitch contacted me about this new category, I saw it as them paying respect rather than an opportunity" - Russel

A big question Russel constantly receives from newfrogs in his chat is why he ended up changing his username from "ComedyRussell" to just "Russel". While the cookie cutter "The name was available and looks much cleaner" response is Russel's go-to, some deep Reddit searches have determined that may not actually be the case. According to our research team, an alleged deal went down between Russel and Twitch for the username to be changed in preparation for this new category launching. This was no ordinary deal either... Twitch had to pay out BIG.

We reached out to some inside sources on the situation to learn what types of offers were presented to Russel in order to make this legendary username change. Some proposals Russel requested that we discovered were as follows:

  • Official Twitch username changed to "Russel"

  • $100,000 worth of shares in Heesen Yachts

  • Threaten Mizkif with a perma-ban unless he allows Russel to move in

  • A decent fashion sense

  • $2,000,000 in gifted subs spread across 10 years so it looks like he is a legit streamer

  • Ability to party at the exclusive big-league Fortnite events *see below*

  • EDIT: We later discovered that Twitch only agreed to this request if Russel attends each event as an employee - being an appetizer waiter

Twitch agreed to all the requests. However, little did Twitch know that Russel was planning to change his username already when Just Chatting was released, since none of his jokes could ever top that joke of a category.

Russel sneaking away from his waiter job at a Fortnite party to snag a pic with TFue and T.Scott -- 05/12/2020

With the deal in place, the relationship between Russel and Twitch solidified and the new "Comedy" category's creation was set in motion. With this new section you can expect streamers to be farming daily LULW's and OMEGALUL's (we don't speak of that other ungodly, horrendous emote that is competing with LULW) to try and boost their StreamElement chat stats. Creativity, dedication, or the ability to farm emotes louder than others is the only way to grow in this new section.... and it's the remedy Twitch needs badly.

Now that the category has been announced, the first "Comedy" Twitch Rivals Tournament has been set in stone for September 10th, 2020.

This tournament is set out to test the skills of any-and-all streamers who think they have what it takes to be the next owner of the prefix "Comedy". To apply, dm Twitch Partner Sennyk4 and he will get you right into the bracket.

We look forward to seeing what shenanigans the Comedy category brings to Twitch.

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