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Twitch announces a new Credit Card for Affiliate streamers

All Twitch Affiliates will be able to use this new card to receive special benefits!

Are you an affiliate streamer on Twitch? Are you looking for ways to grow your stream and eventually pass through the shiny golden gates that is Partnership? Well look no further! Twitch has just announced a new credit card that will be exclusively for affiliates to gain special perks on the website.

All purchases using the Twitch Credit Card will receive 2% back towards the new "Boost Your Stream" feature!

Twitch has been under a lot of community criticize recently for not dealing with hate raids efficiently and correctly. After speaking to Twitch's PR team it was stated Twitch doesn't intend to actually be inclusive but rather just use that as a marketing scapegoat to appease investors. However, a big perk of the new Twitch Credit Card is the signing bonus, which includes: Premium moderation tools that can stop bot raids/follows!

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear was asked for a comment on the new endeavor but declined after not knowing what an "affiliate" is.

The newest card will feature these perks:

• 2% of all purchases go towards a "Boost Your Stream" • 5% of Amazon purchases go towards more neon wall lights • If you spend $10,000 or more in your first year, you can peak into the Partner Lounge at Twitchcon 2022 • The top 5 affiliates who spend the most money each year will be gifted Twitch Partner

If you're interested in purchasing the card, you can do so HERE <---

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