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TrainwrecksTV and CashApp announce an official "Scuffed Podcast Bingo" game

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Trainwrecks is partnering with CashApp to take his podcast to the next level by releasing an interactive board game his viewers can participate in during the show.

Train has found the ultimate way to counter any LSF hate-threads regarding constant stalling by incorporating an interactive BINGO game to his streams

Anyone who has watched a few Trainwrecks streams is familiar with the consistent format, catchphrases, and chat interaction that is present each night. Whether its singing along to the same 10 Youtube videos during the 4-hour intro or spamming "squad1 PJSugar" each time Train goes into his bathroom, viewers know certain events are bound to reoccur. Train noticed while sifting through the hundreds of clip-bait comments in chat that his community is getting fatigued typing the same emotes night after night, so he needed a way to get the viewers more involved.

The Scuffed Podcast is one of Twitch's top shows run by Trainwrecks and Devin Nash where professional athletes, pornstars, and any streamer with an absolutely degenerate sleep schedule discuss a variety of recent event topics. For the guests who can persevere through the intro and actually make it to the start of the show, he or she can expect Train to pull some of his normal routines throughout the podcast's many hours. So, in order to stall longer without fearing chat riots, Train yoinked the idea from his Reddit for viewers to create their own BINGO board with pre-selected options that can be filled out during the show. Not only will this give the viewers something to do as Train fixes his graphics in OBS that somehow seem to change every week, but those who get BINGO during the show will be put into a raffle for VIP in chat too.

Below is an example BINGO card viewers can create:

CashApp has decided to team up with Trainwrecks on this product in order to avoid any potential allegations of money laundering, since they have given an absurd amount of money to his community without much reasoning. According to CashApp's CEO, Blex__, partnering with Train on this project was a perfect way to "seem like they are part of the Twitch community without really having to do anything" since this Bingo idea was just stolen from Train's reddit.

Devin Nash has also played a huge part in transforming this product from initial reddit post to physical item. When we reached out to Devin for a comment on the situation, he agreed but then later invoiced us $300 for his time. So if anyone out there has some extra cash please DM us. Please.

"This product type is unprecedented in the live streaming industry. As a concept, I am positive other large broadcasters are going to utilize this viewer interaction method for future marketing campaigns. When Train initially told me of the product, he was calling it "Noooo Shot, Bingo", and boy am I glad I stepped in to help..." - Devin Nash

Train is hoping that this new product can expand his podcast to the next level, both demographically and in overall reviews. Now instead of viewers rolling their eyes at Train going on a 10 minute rant they can be excited to mark that box on their BINGO card! We expect to see many different streamers hop on this trend since they all literally do the same 5 things on their streams every day, so why not make extra money off of it.

More updates on a release date and pricing to come. As of now it's price is $XX.XX and releasing on YY/YY.

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