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Tomorrow's Presidential Debate will be held in "Among Us" and broadcasted on Twitch

After seeing the success of AOC's first Twitch stream, tomorrow's debate will take place in "Among Us"

Yesterday's extremely successful AOC stream proved to the internet 2 main things... 1) Among Us is slowly becoming the next Fortnite with public figures hopping on the trend and 2) Twitch users are more than excited to follow any sort of hype on the platform regardless of the reason. While we're sure 90% of Twitch users initially assumed "AOC" was a new BTTV or FFZ emote, they quickly learned of the powerful female figure behind the abbreviation after seeing her viewcount.

We're sure every Twitch Partner Manager's DMs were flooded this morning with entitled Twitch Partners who believe they "deserved" a spot in these games for whatever reason

After seeing AOC peak well over 430,000 live viewers for her first broadcast, the presidential candidates felt this was a perfect opportunity to farm LSF clout and agreed to have tomorrow's debate be held inside Among Us. While we're not sure what happens if one of the candidates dies early on, the rules of the debate are still being finalized.

We'll be sure to update the official Peepo Pieces twitter account with any more updates on tomorrow's debate...

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