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TIME Magazine announces TSM Pokelawls as 2020's "Streamer of the Year"

The annual "Person of the Year" announcement from TIME Magazine just released, this year with a twist nominating a Twitch Streamer: Pokelawls

Each year TIME Magazine names a "Person of the Year", however this time they decided to ditch the irrelevant candidates that are usually chosen and pick cool people... like Twitch streamers! Thus, the "Streamer of the Year" category was formed. While it was a close race between Pokelawls and Anomaly, Mr. Lawls emerged the victor this year.

While we're happy for Poke's achievement, we also find it a little funny that he won a TIME award since he is never ON-TIME to his own streams

Some of the categories that TIME used to rank streamers were: Overall content, ability to farm emotes, and webcam usage.

Overall Content: Some people may not know just how smart of a streamer Poke is. He has found ways to always have content on his broadcasts without having to do anything. Regardless if that content is a streamdeck with one Animal Crossing song queued up or paying Dazeroh to farm "timing OMEGALUL" clips with sub alerts, it's genius.

Ability to Farm Emotes: It could be up for debate if Poke, Mizkif, or Greek is the king of farming emotes on Twitch, but TIME decided Poke was #1. While Mizkif can farm the most "LULW Good Ones" by throwing his friends under the bus and Greek can farm the most KKonaW's with his impeccable redneck accent, Poke is the jack of all traits when it comes to Pepega, FeelsDonkMan, and BRUHMM farming.

Webcam Usage: This clip says it all.

A key person that has been a big part of Poke's streams this past year is his S̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r girlfriend, Gigi. Gigi has helped Poke with not only creating content but also thanks subs for him since he tends to miss that 90% of the time. We reached out to Gigi for a comment on Poke's big achievement.

I *hic* am *hic* so *hic* proud *hic* of *hic* my *hic* baba. He *hic* deserves *hic* it *hic* and *hic* more !

After thanking Gigi for her time, we recommended some WebMD links to help with her hiccupping.

We are very proud of Poke on his big achievement and hope the recently massive growth is just the beginning of a new era for Mr. TSM! But we will get Yusulene on the phone to keep the Reddit alive just in case.

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