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Sodapoppin announces a new HBO Documentary starring him and his mute "Happy"

HBO Documentaries will be doing the first Twitch-related special on Sodapoppin and his VRChat mute "Happy"

If you've tuned into Sodapoppin's streams recently and been confused by the dancing anime cat woman in the bottom corner, then you probably don't keep up with VRChat news much. That animated person writing new subs down on Soda's stream is his mute: HappyThoughts (or just "Happy" for short). Mute's are people in VRChat who get chosen a master and then do whatever actions are demanded without speaking; which is basically the same description for any streamer's moderators.

Essentially, these mutes are a way for big streamers to farm coomer viewers without doing any extra work at all. A genius move.

According to Soda, this concept fascinated a lot of different companies who wanted to make a documentary on the subject; such as PBS and ABC. However, after considering a few different offers, Soda decided to choose the only company who had a paywall to watch content (a.k.a HBO) because he quote - "didn't want any poor people seeing the documentary, such as Rypee ".

We expect nothing less from Soda.

A clip from Soda's stream interacting with his mute "Happy" -- Oct. 27th, 2020

After the big news, we reached out to Vigor, a fucking legend on Twitch who has provided pretty much all of Soda's content over the past few months, for a quote on the documentary reveal:

"I better be the star of this shit documentary. If it weren't for me, Chance would probably still be streaming shitty Steam games that are on-sale and pretending to be edgy. I molded him into the man he is today" - Vigor

So true... so true. We thank Vigor for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to give us a quote. We actually tried to get a statement from Vigor a few years ago on a different story but his internet at the time couldn't even download Discord, so we were happy to see he now has 1st world country internet!

We are excited to see the new "Give Happiness a Chance" documentary air this Saturday @ 8pm CST on HBO!

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