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Sliker leaks his real height during IRL stream at the Doctors Office

ItsSlikeR accidently leaked his height measurement during an IRL stream to Doctor's Office this morning

While it has always been a meme to pick on Sliker for his height, no one has discovered the truth behind the Twitch superstar's real trajectory from the ground. However, the mystery has finally been solved when Sliker accidently leaked his height during a checkup stream at the Doctor's Office.

His real height is now confirmed: 4 foot 10 inches

No matter how much Siker may dismiss this claim, the proof if in the pudding. When he realized he had just leaked his height, he ended the stream and quickly deleted the VOD. We were able to capture this low-quality screenshot before the clip was gone. The post has already accumulated over 10k upvotes on LSF and will be featured in Dalex's next "Uncommon Twitch Clips" compilation. If the LSF post gets taken down, just know this is Sliker's doing and he is censoring the truth.

We got a quote from Sliker's girlfriend Erica after she found out the news:

"I can't believe this is real...He must have been wearing height-boosting shoes every time we were together IRL. No wonder he always wanted to keep his shoes on during sex. smh." - Erica

We will await Sliker's response to these claims.

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