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Simply confirms his lead producer role on new "Super Mario 3D All-Stars" soundtrack

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Legendary rapper, streamer, and current 120 star WR holder Simply has just confirmed he will be the lead soundtrack producer for the new Super Mario 3D collection.

Yesterday Nintendo surprised fans around the globe with the announcement of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which is their way to make money from releasing the same games with a few extra HD elements added in. Switch owners and Twitch streamers who jumped on the Super Mario 64 speedrun bandwagon rejoiced as they will soon get to enjoy the newly remastered games. Along with this news came an announcement that Simply would be leading the soundtrack design for these three remastered titles.

When the president of Nintendo America, Doug Bowser, first heard "Dedo on Dedo", he immediately cancelled all meetings for the day and got in contact with Simply

Simply has made a name for himself on Twitch over the past 8 years in the Super Mario 64 category. From his shirtless speedrun streams to the Sway in the Morning-worthy freestyle raps, this man has always been destined for greatness. Included in Simply's side endeavors is creating original, mainly hip hop, music. Over the past few years he has put out some big hits such as the fast food anthem "did he just fuck on my sandwich?" or the fan favorite "Freshman 16" that is sure to get stuck in your head. However, his RIAA Certified Platinum release "Dedo on Dedo" is what caught the attention of Bowser.

Doug got in contact with Simply and the two were able to coordinate a meetup at the next Nintendo Direct conference in New York City.

Simply and Doug linking up at Nintendo Direct right outside the Splatoon 2 fan-meetup area -- 07/02/2020

Simply admitted he might be regretting the decision to work on this project since he will have to hear his voice each time he plays Super Mario 64... which is many hours a day.

Fans will be excited to hear that Simply will be producing the soundtrack for all 3 of the remastered titles, not just Super Mario 64. While Simply had initially proposed to only do the SM64 soundtrack, Doug was adamant on getting a different version of "Dedo on Dedo" into all three titles. With the contracts signed, Simply got to work on producing the soundtracks and was able to share with us a few of the upcoming songs:

  1. Dedo on Dedo (MIPS remix) -- Super Mario 64

  2. Dedo on Dedo at Delfino Plaza -- Super Mario Sunshine

  3. Booty Cake Bandit (SM64 End-Screen Remix) -- Super Mario 64

  4. Dedo on Dedo vs. the Gusty Garden Hoe -- Super Mario Galaxy

One key factor we noticed from these tracks was the frequent use of Dedo, which has become a big staple in Simply's career ever since Mizkif decided to leech off Simply's content. We were curious as to what Dedo may think of this situation seeing as his name and likeness are being used quite a lot commercially-speaking. Normally we would need to go through Synack to contact anyone in that crackhouse, but luckily us here at Peepo Pieces have a direct line straight to Dedo's crib.

We asked Dedo for an official comment regarding the above statements:

"All I know is that mf better run up a check for keeping my name in his mouth. Without me no one in this house would even have a career. If these fools can order Uber Eats every day then they can afford to toss a few more 0's on my checks... and that's on god" - Dedo

Clearly Dedo is expecting a little more out of this deal than what is being offered. Simply has already stated he won't be paying Dedo any extra since he can just "lock that little cute ass up in his mansion" if he starts acting up.

We are excited to hear how Simply approaches each game's soundtrack. We'll be sure to update once the bundle releases later this month.

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