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Shroud becomes first exclusive Marbles-only streamer on Twitch

Shroud has decided to ditch his FPS career for the world of RNG marbles

Anyone who watches Shroud knows he is a literal god when it comes to First Person Shooters with his pinpoint aim accuracy. However, it seems Shroud is ditching his life of competitive shooting to competitive marble racing. The game popularized by Pokelawls and leeched by Mizkif will now be reigned king to none other than Shroud himself.

Shroud plans on utilizing Marbles to run his entire day, from buying groceries or even using the bathroom. This means if none of the "eat food" marbles wins, Shroud may actually starve

This is going to be a big change for Shroud, but he is excited.

Shroud testing out his new main-game on his Twitch stream (Dec 4th, 2020)

In addition to running his day, marbles will also be choosing what companies he chooses to partner with. While everyone has been loving his Logitech sponsor and the gear, Shroud feels like putting his brands in the hands of fate. This means anyone who donates $10 can enter their company into the running to get a Shroud endorsement.

We are excited to see Shroud's new streaming path and will definitely be spamming !boost.

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