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Sennyk4 joins AGDQ's new 2021 "Clicking Links" speedrun category

Professional react streamer Sennyk4 is taking his talents to the 2021 Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) event for their new "clicking links" speedrun section

If you've ever accidentally kept Mizkif's stream tab open overnight then you most likely woke up to the sound of obnoxious yelling, loud twitch clips, or the same 3 rap songs on repeat; a.k.a - a Sennyk4 stream. Shroud, a frequent victim to this occurrence, has over 1 day of Sennyk4 channel watch time and can confirm this statement as truth. While Senny's weekly hours streamed is quite impressive, its all thanks to the high-tier effort he puts into the content such as clicking links or expanding emotes.

Senny knew his ability to click multiple links in an endlessly-moving chat for 4-5 hours each day is not a task ordinary streamers can accomplish, so his skills needed to be showcased

When news broke on NEOGAF that AGDQ would be introducing a new speedrunning category, boomers around the world rejoiced and shared the news on their Facebook feeds. However, the boomer excitement quickly diminished when they realized the new category was "clicking links" rather than some random 1998 indie game that three people on Earth have ever heard of. Since AGDQ's focus has always been to speedrun a single game for hours at a time, their desire to attract a more "zoomer" audience lead to the decision to create the most ADHD experience possible.

In a sea of blue chat messages, Senny managed to click the link to AGDQ's announcement and immediately knew he was going to participate. After putting on the 3rd drake song of the stream and yelling "LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO", he set up the speedrun splits and got to work.

Senny's speedrun splits for AGDQ (2021)

The current world record for completing the above run is 58 minutes and 04 seconds, which is not a tough score to beat. Senny has been practicing for the past few months and reduced his overall score from 5 hours (an entire stream) to just under an hour by using strats such as clicking the scroll wheel to close a tab or brainwashing his chat to link the same things everyday to create "community memes" (seriously how the fuck do you guys link the SAME VIDEOS EVERY DAY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU). So long as Senny is consistent with practicing his run each day, he will have a good shot at the WR.

An infamous figure in Senny's broadcasts is Omnee_, the East Coast, trust-fund Twitch oil prince that has been friends with Senny for a while and is quite familiar with the current stream routine. We reached out to Omnee for a comment on Senny's new endeavor.

"Thank god this Senny guy finally has something he's good at it, jesus christ. All he ever did was complain but now he can do something productive with his time besides ditch the boys to sit in a Discord call with his gf." - Omnee

We thank Omnee for taking the time to talk to us about the situation. We initially reached out to Synack for a comment but he had never heard of someone named Sennyk4, so he ultimately declined.

We have full confidence in Senny's ability to achieve World Record status for clicking links and are excited to see the practice runs come to fruition at AGDQ's next event. Maybe Senny will do a run on stream today?

You can tune into his streams by clicking THIS LINK !


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