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Russel visits every Whataburger around Austin, TX in hopes of finding a second cat

Russel begins his great journey to find a second stray cat to love unconditionally

After finding his best friend at 3:00am in a Whataburger parking lot, Russel is hoping he can search around the Austin area to find another lonely cat to love. Inky, the new household cat, has become a big part of Russel's life recently, but she seems to be more fond of Mizkif more than anyone (similar to any small streamers who visit their house). Thus, Russel is hoping he can find a new buddy that will love him the most.

Since the crew found a cat at Whataburger last time, Russel is visiting all 104 Whataburger locations in Austin, TX by end of the week

To get a little help on the search, Russel has gathered the OG crew together to help him find his new best friend; this includes Mizkif, Dareon, and Lamont. However, Mizkif was actually slowing down the search because he tried to go into every Whataburger they visited.

We wanted to get a quote on how Inky felt about the situation, as she is essentially being replaced by this journey. This was the direct quote:

"Damn, Russel really doing me like that, huh? The only reason I've been giving him the cold shoulder is because he never tags me in his Twitter posts. Like I get it, you wanna use me to get likes, that's cool. But at least tag my account man... smh" - Inky

We will be sure to update you all on Russel's journey when we hear more news.

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