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Retrora becomes the first Twitch streamer to get his own Netflix Comedy Special

Retrora, popularly known for his WideHardo clips, will now be taking his comedy to the big screen

If you know Retrora, then you know this mf wanna be a comedian on the Twitter Timeline every day. And since pretty much every mainstream comedian has been cancelled, Netflix decided to give Ret a chance to really prove his comedy skills on the big stage. Thus, he will be getting his very own comedy special on Netflix this summer, titled: "The WideHardo World Tour".

Netflix are moreso hoping this comedy special becomes a "cult classic", which is a nice way of saying it's terrible but somehow get's good viewership; like The Room or Senny's streams

When Netflix was browsing Twitch streamers for their own special; only three candidates came to mind. Blex, Wantep, and Retrora. While Blex and Wantep were serious candidates for the special, Netflix was worried their premiers would crash the servers due to popular demand. Thus, they went with the much safer option of Ret.

Screenshot from Retrora's live performance during his WideHardo World Tour comedy special taping

With the big news finally announced, we wanted to get a quote from the person who made Retrora's career what it is: JEFF.

"I made Retrora." - JEFF

That was all he would tell us. Anyway, we are excited to see the comedy special! (Hopefully it's a little better than Ret's normal Twitter posts though)

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