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Reddit update forces users to show face in profile pictures. No posts to r/LivestreamFails in 24hrs

The most popular Twitch-related subreddit has died within 24 hours of a new rule update

r/LiveStreamFail is the most popular subreddit relating to Twitch culture and personalities; often the source of completely unnecessary drama and out-of-context clipping for upvotes. While this subreddit has certainly had it's moments of promoting good content found on Twitch, the majority of it has devolved into a cesspool of drama-baiting no life basement dwellers waiting to cancel a streamer they despise. However, a new rule enforced by Reddit yesterday is forcing users to show their face in their profile picture.

Within 24 hours of this update being implemented, r/LivestreamFails has yet to see a single post (or comment) made

Active LSF users are fuming at this new update since hiding behind anonymity is what allowed them to make such horribly toxic takes, which is now removed. We landed an interview with a (previous) top-commenter on LSF, user: JinnyFan73189 on this new Reddit update:

"This is bullshit. The big streamers clearly influenced this decision because they don't like anyone who doesn't worship them. It's not my fault they can't handle the truth. We will be taking Reddit to court over this" - JinnyFan73189

Since LSF will be dead, feel free to follow our Twitter below & comment your takes there!

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