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QuarterJade and Masayoshi land starring roles in upcoming live-action Team Rocket movie

The dynamic Twitch duo seem to have landed their first big Hollywood roles in upcoming Pokémon movie

If you've seen the top of the Valorant category recently, or noticed all the people within the Pokimane solar system, then you are definitely familiar with the Masayoshi and QuarterJade. The duo often hang with each other on-stream, whether it's playing games or just chatting together as John blasts hyperpop music into his chat's ears. Nonetheless, they have become two big names on Twitch and Paramount took notice when they were casting for the newest Pokémon movie.

Originally the cast was supposed to be QuarterJade and Ninja, but Paramount knew all of OfflineTV wouldn't RT the announcement if it didn't have both John and Jodi in it

The Team Rocket movie will be one of the first live action Pokémon movies in recent years (we purposefully forget Detective Pikachu) and fans are extremely excited to see how it turns out. Fans are also very curious who will be starring as Meowth, the annoying sidekick to Jessie and James (Team Rocket). When Masayoshi and QuarterJade were asked who they thought would make a great Meowth, they both said the same person...

"Nooo wayyyy, I can't wait to play Meowth in a movie with my two favorite people. Not sure why they picked me as the annoying character tho, lol! Maybe after the movie Jodi will finally reply to my tweets that I tag her in!" - CrazySlick

The movie is set to release some time in 2022. We will be sure to update you with any updates on the film as they come out!

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