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Pokelawls "Built Differently" track reaches No. 1 on Billboard Top 100 Chart

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Popular streamer Pokelawls becomes the first streamer to have a No. 1 hit record on the Billboard charts

If you've been on Twitch at all over the past week, then there's 2 things you probably heard about: U.S. Representative AOC streaming Among Us to 435,000+ viewers and/or Pokelawls "Built Differently ft. Trippie Redd" banger track. While the genre-blending heater is most commonly referred to as the "Bill Dipperly" track, it can now be referred to as the "Billboard Number 1" track.

The track soared to the top of the charts for the week of October 19th, 2020, surpassing historical masterpiece tracks such as "Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)" and the fan favorite "WAP".

To end this piece we actually scheduled a call with none other than the legend himself Mario Judah. Judah quickly became a fan of Poke's after hearing the No. 1 track and was even interested in hopping on as a remix feature. However, our call with him was scheduled 24 hours ago and we have not seen or heard from him at all.... has anyone seen Mario Judah recently?

We are worried for Mario's safety. Please call or text "312-584-4684" if you find Mario. Thank you.

Congratulations again to Poke, Trippie Redd, and Bill Dipperly on the big success.

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