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OTK Network announces their newest member: Gordon Ramsay

After the success of their first cooking stream, OTK are hoping to expand their horizons with Gordo

To keep the momentum alive, OTK Network just announced the newest member of the organization as none other than Gordo himself: Gordon Ramsay. While most people may be surprised to hear this news, it's actually not too far-fetched since Gordon has seen how popular his shows are amongst the community. The reign of "OTK Gordo" has begun.

When Trainwrecks heard this news, he immediately called and begged the organization to allow him to re-stream the cooking show content

According to our sources, OTK are planning to utilize Ramsay in more ways than just a content creator. With the new organization also diving into competitive E-Sports we are hearing reports that Gordon Ramsay will be the new team captain for the OTK Minecraft Hunger Games competitive team! After seeing the success of Minecraft personalities such as Dream and TommyInnit, Ramsay knew he could cash in on the Minecraft wave just as much as these shameless streamers who are playing nonstop "all of a sudden".

Ramsay showcases his Minecraft stats in a recent OTK post -- 10/12/2020

Thanks to the incredible reporting from our #1 member Blex, we were able to get a direct quote from Ramsay on his addition to the OTK crew.

"This organization is gonna be FUCKING RAW. I'm talking the most badass thing on the internet since Hells Kitchen clips got uploaded to YouTube. If you're not supporting OTK, then you and your donkey brain can FUCK OFF" - Gordo

We are excited to see how Gordo can help accelerate the success of OTK's organization and become the greatest organization the internet has ever seen.

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