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Nmplol loses his spot in OTK to Malena just 3 days after being signed

Only 3 days after his big OTK signing announcement, Nick Polom has already been replaced by Malena

OTK (One True King), the next big content & E-Sports organization, recently signed their newest member: Nick Polom (nmplol). While this news shocked virtually nobody since half of OTK leaked the announcement early, their reveal video and stream was some of the best Twitch content to-date. However, it seems the fairytale content crew is already facing issues with the newest member.

According to some of our anonymous sources within OTK, the testosterone levels have been noticeably lower amongst the group ever since Nick officially joined...

It was clear over the past 3 days that OTK made the mistake of picking up Nick over Malena and had to make the replacement quick. Nick was initially upset hearing the news since he really just wants to be part of an organization that he enjoys, but quickly turned that frown upside-down when Malena threatened to knock his lights out. Nick has since been on Indeed looking for a replacement gig.

A photo Nick posted trying out for a "SpongeBob SquarePants character position" at Universal Studios

You may wonder why OTK couldn't just keep both Nick and Malena on the org since they've become the newest donation TTS craze with "peepoWeen nickmalena peepoWeen nickmalena". Sadly, one of the OTK founders (who will go unnamed) recently spent an ungodly amount of money on Pokemon booster packs using the company's credit card which left them only enough for one member's salary.

Despite all the controversy, Malena probably would have provided most of the org's content anyway - so it makes sense why she was added to the roster.

We are excited to see what OTK SANGOGA has in store for us...

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