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Ninja assembles an A-Team celebrity task force to reclaim his sub count record from Ludwig

Ludwig has just become the most subbed Twitch channel ever over Ninja

For many years Ninja has held the Twitch record for "All-time Twitch subscriptions" at 269,154 during the peak of Fortnite days in 2018. With all the kids using their parent's Amazon Prime accounts to get a free sub to Ninja, it seemed like an impossible record to ever beat unless one of the Minecraft YouTuber kids just tweeted out "sub to me". However, today Ludwig has just surpassed Ninja's record through his sub-a-thon where people emptied their bank accounts to see a person on the internet sleep on-camera.

While Ninja wasn't really upset about the record being broken, he sure as hell wasn't going to let it go away without pulling out the big guns

Ninja plans to run a 12-month sub-a-thon, completely uncapped with celebrity guests passing by each day. The main crew he has assembled is:

- Ninja

- PewDiePie

- Tommyinnit

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

- Oprah

+ More secret guests along the way!

We reached out to Ninja for a quote on his big announcement:

"I'm here to reclaim my title. I'm happy Ludwig got his time in the spotlight but I didn't dye my hair blue to be #2. I'm about to show Lud a little more movement than he's used to" - Ninja

We're excited to see what other celebrities Ninja and crew will bring on to try and reclaim the title! We'll be sure to update the post for any more announcements made.

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