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New leaks show "xqcL" as an official Apple emoji on upcoming iOS 14.1.0 update

One of the most popular emotes on Twitch, xqcL, is coming to all Apple devices as an official emoji in the next iOS update

Popular Twitch streamer XQC has a very dedicated fanbase on the platform who are ready to flood any chat with the XQC gun emote as soon as he's offline. If you're able to catch the end of his daily 16+ hour stream, then its likely to see the explosion of "I ENJOYED MY STAY xqcL" messages as The Killers close out the day with Enterlude and Exitlude. Apple took notice to the sheer amount of xqcL spam across Twitch and decided to strike a deal with the Juicer to get the emote globally on iOS devices.

Leaks show other streamer emotes forsenE and vadiChad were almost added but later abandoned after their communities called iPhone users "NORMANS" (normies)

This is exciting news for the world of Twitch as no other emote has ever been picked up by a major company before. To learn more about how XQC's fanbase feels regarding this news, we wanted to reach out to a key member of the community... Arthium, who is a part-time Youtube editor for XQC and a full-time shitposter on Twitter.

After multiple failed attempts and DonoWall's to reach Art, we created a fake female-streamer Twitter account and immediately got a DM back

"The community has been pretty ecstatic with this news, including myself. If one of these Twitter girls is ever desperate enough to date me, I can definitely see myself iMessaging her a few xqcL's occasionally." - ArthiumG

The xqcL emote is a perfect fit for an Apple emoji due to its versatility in potential meanings; from extremely wholesome, passive aggressive, to even flat out toxic. If you want to send a nice message to a loved one or tell your ex to lose all their belongings in a house fire: xqcL. Telling your 2nd wife goodnight? xqcL. With this much diversity, it's no wonder Apple decided to pick it up.

One big perk to "xqcL" becoming an official Apple emoji means XQC is confirmed to be a voice actor in the upcoming "Emoji Movie 2" film.

The last thing in the leaks were some of the demonstration images Apple plans to use in their upcoming iOS 14.1.0 reveal. We were able to download one image showing the use of xqcL in iMessage & share it with you all:

We are excited to see the xqcL emote arrive on iPhones in the coming months and hope you are too... xqcL

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