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Mizkif reveals his streaming success came from being the "first of many" Twitch Industry Plants

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Popular streamer "Mizkif" explains to his community that he was Twitch's first experimental industry plant which lead him to his success on the platform.

Matthew shaking hands with Twitch CEO, and fellow Wonk Gang member, Jeff Bezos -- 07/01/2018

Mizkif's channel has seen a meteoric rise on Twitch over the past 2 years. While it may have seemed organic, he has recently revealed this was not the case.

If you have been on Twitch longer than 6 months, its very likely you've seen a few Mizkif streams. Whether those streams consisted of staring at a wall for multiple hours or reacting to the newest "Spotify Top 100" video depends on how recently you found him, but in either case, he was most likely towards the top of the Twitch directory. He currently averages around 10,000 viewers each broadcast, comparing to the likes of Summit1G, Sodapoppin, and Blex__. Though regardless of his viewcount, Miz has cemented himself as one of the biggest and most unique sellouts on the platform. But how did this happen?

During a recent broadcast, one donator asked how Mizkif got into streaming and what tips he could give to an aspiring 2-viewer andy. For the 5,000 times Miz has been asked this question he will usually pause for dramatic effect and then respond with something ironically witty, such as "Just move closer to your favorite streamer and leech off them. Like I did with Sodapoppin!". However, this time around Miz must have just received his Raid: Shadow Legends payout because he was in a good enough mood to respond legitimately.

He responded with "My start on Twitch was unlike anyone else. Up until last month I was unable to speak about this, but I was actually Twitch's first experimental industry-planted streamer. I can't speak more about it and I might be in trouble for saying that much... but I can tell you it's the reason I grew so fast".

When we at 'Peepo Pieces' heard this news, the "TriHard 7" spamming came to a halt and we got down to business.

After hours of researching Reddit posts, archived VODs, and speaking to some credible sources - we got the full scoop. It turns out that Mizkif signed a 2-year "industry plant" contract with Amazon to grow his channel inorganically and be molded into Twitch's ideal streamer.

Archived Mizkif tweet of him meeting with Twitch in May 2018 (About 2 months before he began streaming)

If you look back at Mizkif's career, the definition for an industry plant actually makes a lot of sense - "grew to success without any real origin story". From our sources, we heard speculation that Miz caught Twitch's attention from his impeccable RV camera work and witty jokes behind the scenes. When Twitch initially reached out, all it took to get him on-boarded for the position was a Twitter follow from Hailsbee and 2 bottles of vegetable oil. Nonetheless, Mizkif was in for the ride and the 3-step plan commenced.

Phase 1: Name Recognition through Leeching

The first step in Mizkif's process to grow was pretending to run a Twitch streamer documentaries (Mizkif Documentaties) Youtube channel where he would mix fictionally quirky anecdotes about streamers topped with Nintendo 64 music to be relatable to gamers. Although each video would be voiced over by Mizkif, this entire operation was run by a team at Twitch who created the videos with inside information to make Miz seem smart and witty. Once a video was completed, Twitch would force the streamer to watch and share it so Mizkif could become a notable name in the community. After a few videos had released, Miz would boot up his very own stream and begin phase 2 of the process.

Phase 2: LSF Growth

The next step to grow Mizkif's streaming career was the place where streamers love to talk shit about all the time but will still go through every clip in the first hour of their stream... LivestreamFails. Everyone knows LSF is where streamers are transcended to the next level, either by drama or their Korean heritage. Twitch had to think of a way to get Mizkif trending on LSF quickly, so they targeted two big demographics: Shipping Frogs and Drama Frogs. When Maya Higa began exploding on LSF, Twitch was the second one in her DMs (right after Mitch Jones) to get the shipping content started. While it did blossom into the real relationship it is today, it's quite hard to believe anyone would seek PC building advice from someone like Mizkif.

The other side of the plan was to farm drama frogs; and what better way to do this than fake a 7-day ban off of a completely irrelevant clip to spark viewer outrage. When Mizkif (and Esfand in the crossfire) was "banned" from Twitch for a week, our inside source informed us this was due to him growing faster than expected and he requested a contract re-negotiation for more money. Twitch refused to do this payout so they removed him from the platform ASAP to sort out the situation before anything was spontaneously leaked; all while simultaneously farming LSF karma. We hear the Twitch intern that came up with this genius double-whammy play was immediately promoted. He goes by the Twitch name "Pluto".

Phase 3: Keep Mizkif on Twitch

After all of Mizkif's success on the Twitch platform, the final step of the process was to keep him there. Twitch's industry-plant experiment with Miz was a massive success and they are already working on their next streamers: Konzn and Wantep. However, with the success Mizkif gained during the contract period, he now could easily gain millions of dollars taking an offer to move his streams onto Caffeine right next to Kbubblez. Twitch definitely wanted to keep Miz but anyone in their right mind wouldn't pay more than $10 to keep this guy around. Fortunately, one thing they learned about Mizkif during the contract was his autistically obsessive love for VGA graded boxes. So all Twitch had to do was print out a cover of Ocarina of Time, glue it onto a cardboard box, sprinkle with glitter, put it inside a plastic case and then send it over to Miz immediately after his contract ended. And the plan worked perfectly. The dude even cried...... lol. He's not going anywhere.

Miz cries after receiving cardboard box inside plastic box lol -- 06/01/2020

This has definitely changed our perspective on Mizkif and we are interested to see how well it works out with the other streamers currently under this contract.

For updates and more news, be sure to follow our Twitter: HERE !

Special shoutouts to EmiOk and Blex__ who helped find this article's deeply hidden information.

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