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Mitch Jones wins Texas Election for "The Law" Department Head

Texans have made it clear they want a LEGEND in charge of the law for their state... like Mitch Jones

Although the presidential debate has been neck-and-neck between the two candidates, some of the smaller state-specific categories have been landslide victories. Among this category is the Texas Department of Law's new department candidate, a.k.a "The Law". The results have come in this morning.... and it wasn't even close.

Texas was a 99% vote in favor of Mitch Jones officially becoming "The Law" for their state. Mitch has now gone from representing the 1% to the 99%

Mitch has already began discussing some of the policy changes he will put into effect as soon as he takes the position.

Some of the new rules Mitch Jones will be implementing once in office

Along with Mitch's new lead position comes a secondary position that will appoint to "The Law". Mitch has made an official statement declaring his second-in-command will be none other than the coolest guy in all of Texas - Barry74.

We reached out to Barry for a quote on he and Mitch's new roles in government:

"This is soooooo coooool 😎. Mitchy and I are gonna do so many cool things for Texas Law, like our first change requiring everyone to hit a vape and do 15 squats every 60-minutes. We are gonna be the coooolest state ever" - Barry

We are excited to see Texas become the coolest state ever after Mitch and Barry's takeover.

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