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Mitch Jones becomes the new frontman for Blink-182

Ex-Twitch streamer Mitch Jones will be the new lead singer for Blink-182

Over the past month, popular Twitch streamer Mitch Jones has been transitioning his content away from the degenerate life of gaming to the wonderful world of music. With his past few song releases reaching into your inner-middle school pop-punk phase, Blink-182 took notice and decided to offer Mitch the lead vocalist position. This meant kicking Mark Hoppus out of the band, but Blink-182 are hoping to make a 2021 comeback with their new frontman.

When the band was deciding to replace Mark (their lead singer) with Mitch, Blink-182 said it was an easy decision after comparing their viewcounts on Twitch

After this announcement, Blink-182 also unveiled their upcoming Fall 2021 U.S Tour titled "The Dalaran Sewer Tour". The tour will hit 30 states across the Nation and include opening acts: Sum 41, Simply, and Koaster.

We wanted to get a direct quote from Mark Hoppus, Blink-182's old frontman, after he was kicked out of the band and replaced by Mitch:

"I was angry at first but when I heard Mitch's songs, I couldn't hate the decision. That "Flight" song with Simply is an absolute jam. Plus that guy lives with Mizkif... I can't compete with that" - Mark Hoppus

We're excited to see the future of Blink-182 with their new frontman!

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