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Maya Higa quits Live Streaming to become the new CEO of Rainforest Cafe

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Popular react streamer and host of the Conservation Cast "Maya" [Higa] has just announced her biggest career achievement as the new CEO of Rainforest Cafe.

Pokelawls and Maya Higa posing with a $1,500,500 check to the Conservation Cast -- 8/23/2020

Never before has a live streamer gone on to lead a Multi-Billion dollar company. This is a first for the industry.

Maya Higa is one of the most popular streamers on the Twitch platform, mainly for her extensive knowledge on animal rehabilitation and ability to last multiple hours in a You Laugh, You Lose challenge. Although she has found success in cultivating a friendly community of animal lovers and Mizkif oldfrog refugees, it seems Maya has decided to take the more corporate route in her career. Maya broke the news earlier this morning that she won't be streaming anymore with this new position, leaving her offline chat in absolute shambles.

The recent success Maya has found between her animal rehabilitation work and growing her animal conservation podcast is what got the Rainforest Cafe interested. According to members of Maya's community, Rainforest Cafe decided to initially contact Maya via $3 TTS donations on her live stream; an impeccable play taken straight from the Burger King handbook. However, this tactic didn't prove to be very effective since $3 donations don't farm as many "peepoPog wow" 's that were needed to catch her attention. We were later informed Rainforest Cafe just sent a letter via carrier pigeon.

"This opportunity was too good to pass up. Being able to work with animals and entertain a bunch of screaming children is basically what my Twitch channel is anyway, so this position won't be much of a change for me" - Maya

Maya has already put out some statements regarding her feelings on accepting the position and how well she will adapt to the new environment. In addition, she has found ways to cut costs that will save the company some big cash in the long run. One of these cost reduction strategies is to get rid of the currently employed janitorial staff at Rainforest Cafe and replace them with the free internet janitors that clean her chatroom each broadcast; such as Lokness and Not__William who have already signed 3-year unpaid Janitor Internships under Higa.

Maya still plans to host her Conservation Cast despite the new CEO Role

Even with Maya accepting this new role she will still be hosting her weekly podcast, the Conservation Cast, where animal conservation specialists are given a platform to discuss a variety of topics. In a recent statement, her plan is to "host the podcast inside the Rainforest Cafe and just replace all of the animatronic animals with real ones". While reporting on this topic, we found this news to be quite surprising seeing as live, un-caged animals roaming inside a restaurant could definitely have some serious legal implications.

When we reached out to Rainforest Cafe's Head of PR on how they are dealing with this new initiative, they responded with - "Yeah we honestly find some of the new initiatives Maya is coming up with to be a little weird, but if we don't respect her ideas more we might lose her". Other strange ideas Higa has presented to the Rainforest Cafe's board included: Changing the music genre in the restaurant to fit this, playing David Dobrik on each television at the bar, and having the research team look into glue-flavored White Claw options. The team might be regretting their decision.

Maya Higa getting emotional when telling her chat the big news -- 8/24/2020

Higa's final broadcast on Twitch is set for Sunday, August 30th.

For more updates on the transition and any additional statements, be sure to follow our Twitter.

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