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Ludwig's "A Very Mogul Christmas" album has been nominated for a Grammy

Less than 24 hours after the Twitch streamer's debut album, it has already been nominated for a Grammy

"DMCA. Copyright Strikes. The wrath of Mariah Carey's Christmas Team at Sony Music Group." Two days ago these words would horrify any Twitch streamer about as much as losing bounties. However, one of Twitch's most popular couples Ludwig and QTCinderella have come to save the Christmas spirit with their debut album: "A Very Mogul Christmas". Now, less than 24 hours after the album's release, it has been nominated for a Grammy from The Recoding Academy®.

Like a majority of Ludwig's content, many LSF streamers have already began crafting up their own less-organized, shittier version of a Christmas Album to ride off the success!

This a big success for Ludwig and QT since no other Twitch streamer has successfully put out a piece of work such as this. If they did, either no one heard of it or they didn't farm enough follows from the Minecraft Youtube community for it to get any recognition.

Ludwig premiering his debut A Very Mogul Christmas album on stream yesterday (12/6/2020)

The album has been doing exceptionally well when it comes to critic reviews. A few of them can be found below:


"If my voice was able to go past a faint whisper, I would yell for joy. That's how good this album is"

Joe Biden

"This is literally the greatest piece of musical talent I have ever heard. This will be the official Christmas Album of the White House"

Mariah Carey

"Yeah... my lawyers will be in touch, buddy"

This album has definitely made the ending to our 2020 a little better and hope to see more great projects like this from Ludwig in the future. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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