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Ludwig creates a 6-week "Twitch Streamer Guide to Youtube" course

Popular content creator Ludwig announces his new educational course that will teach plateaued Twitch streamers how to effectively grow their Youtube channels

If you've been on Twitch at all within the past 12 months then it's very likely the name Ludwig has come up in conversation. Whether he's playing classic Nintendo games with his friends or farming QTCinderella for clips, Ludwig's streams are always very entertaining. Even though Ludwig has been streaming on Twitch for over 2 years, his channel only recently exploded in the last year partly due to his Youtube channel's success.

Ludwig has accumulated many nicknames during his streaming career, such as "The King of YLYL" or "That guy who does things 2 weeks before your favorite streamer copies it"

As Lud's Twitch stats are exponentially rising, many streamers are beginning to wonder why they're stuck in Stagnant Andy status. Even though LSF could use a sprinkle of drama at the moment, we will refrain from using any streamers in particular even if it's clear that some are taking notes on Ludwig's Youtube content, title, and thumbnail game. While flattered, and not surprised in the slightest, Ludwig noticed these streamers copying his format and decided he could gain yet another income stream by giving these creators a "how-to" Youtube course.

Peepo Pieces reached out to Ludwig for a quote on this new project and he was nice enough to provide us with this:

"At first I wasn't sure if anyone would actually sign up for the course, but within 60 seconds of the announcement Mizkif had already paid for the full 6-weeks... So I decided to keep it up. That guy really needs the help" - Ludwig

Included in this course will be Ludwig critiquing the streamer's current Youtube channels to provide sound advice on farming the suggested sidebar algorithm and making your titles as vague as humanly possible. Thumbnail meta, title character limit, and even description hashtag manipulation are among the categories Ludwig is set to explore during this 6-week course.

Ludwig even provided us with some sneak peaks of the course's content, which can be seen below.

We believe this course is going to get a lot more Twitch personalities involved in the Youtube scene. If there's one thing we know about Twitch streamers, it's that they want to do the least amount of work possible and get paid ridiculous amounts of money for it. As long as the titles are vague, the thumbnails make viewers want to click, and 75% of the videos include a female streamer - they should be set.

Peepo Pieces is excited to see the launch of Ludwig's "Twitch Streamer Guide to Youtube" course soon!

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