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Lacari becomes the first streamer to beat every Weeb game on Steam

Big streamer, and even bigger weeb, Lacari becomes the first Twitch broadcaster to complete every anime game available on Steam

A new Guinness World Record has just been achieved on Twitch by none other than the malding manlet himself, Lacari. Whether he's yelling so loudly that his microphone is constantly peaking red or cooming over a 2D drawing, Lacari finds a way to make each of his streams entertaining. Finally after many years of grinding, Lacari has managed to complete every Weeb game on Steam. This achievement may have costed him precious time, lack of dignity, and his hairline... but my god he actually did it.

Lacari's motto through this perilous journey has been, "No Loli goes unnoticed". He plans to get this tattoo'd on his arm in the near future

While this achievement may seem doable, it was no easy task for Lacari to complete. It all started with a plan. First, Lacari had to figure out how to make a living by playing anime games all day, so he got height reduction and hair removal surgery to be more relatable to his audience. Once he gained the weeb community's trust, all Lacari had to do was call these viewers "the boys" and the subs came raining in.

After many years of this tactic, Lacari was able to make a solid living solely from his community's support. They even respect him so much that he is viewed as a king, as seen in the fan art below:

"Lacari, King of the Weebs" (Colorized fan art by Klaudsan -- Sept. 2020)

Over the past several months, Lacari has been scrolling down the weeb directory on Steam to complete each new game that releases. Whether it's a tentacle RPG, blue-haired waifu simulator, or a BDO ripoff; Lacari has done a 100% playthrough with pure excitement in his eyes. His main competition for this title was Sodapoppin, the only other person in the world who's rich enough to buy every anime game on Steam and sad enough to actually play them.

A popular figure in Lacari's community, Saiiren, is familiar with how many weeb games he has played. The two met awhile back when Lacari thought he'd just met a real life anime character and immediately modded her. We reached out to Saiiren for a comment on Lacari's new "Rank 1 Weeb" title.

"I debated getting this achievement myself but I knew this was the only thing Lacari had going for him, so I just let him have it. Trust me, he needs this way more than I do." - Saiiren

We appreciate Saiiren taking time away from speaking in Mizkif's offline chat to give us an official statement.

Now that Lacari has completed every anime game on Steam, he has to find a new category to stream. Rumors around the office are that he plans to compete against Knut and Esfand in the IRL section doing workout streams so he can eventually start dating real life women. A photo of post-workout Lacari was leaked the other day on his Twitter (Leaked photo here). However, if the working out meta gets stale, he can always continue to play Dota for 18 hours a day.

Regardless, we are pumped to see what Lacari cooms over next!

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