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Koaster and Sordiway sign $1 Million Album Deal with Universal Music Group

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Koaster (left) and Sordiway (right) outside of UMG Offices in Los Angeles

Popular Twitch Streamers "Koaster" (formerly _music) and "Sordiway" have signed a 1 LP Deal with Universal Music Group, allegedly worth up to $1 Million

Reports have come up all morning of music conglomerate Universal Music Group making their first big dive into the Twitch scene with a big 7-figure deal. UMG has recently been in the Twitch news regarding rumors of Live DMCA takedowns along with Warner Music Group, however after hearing news of this deal it seems they may have changed course. Now having signed two of Twitch's most prominent figures to spearhead this new relationship, this could open a lot of new doors in the live streaming world.

Koaster and Sordiway are both popular streamers on the Twitch platform mostly known for their music abilities, deep knowledge of twitch culture, and ability to create loving communities out of complete degenerates. If you're a fan of streamers like TimTheTatMan, NickMercs, or Tfue, then these are the guys for you. You can find both of these streamers live throughout the week creating music about all sorts of topics: Twitch culture, Autism Awareness, Emote Appreciation, and the occasional scuffed covers.

Clip of Sordiway and Koaster streaming music after their late night Wendy's shift -- November 15, 2019

Evolution of Twitch Music is what caught Universal Music Group's attention

One of the key factors into this deal being signed was the "Evolution of Twitch Music" video the duo released last year that went viral. This 14-minute saga was a tribute to the many twitch-culture songs that have been played across the platform millions of times. Showcasing Sordiway's pipes that could put Mariah Carey to shame and Koaster's ability to tap a midi-pad faster than Pokimane mods banning an anti-simp, this video caught Universal Music Group's attention and ultimately sparked the interest.

In addition to the Evolution of Music, Koaster and Sordi have other tracks that have transcended their Twitch status from "pleb" to "pleb with some actual talent". An extremely popular track that some avid Twitch watchers may recognize is the "Jebaited" song, a cover of the Vengaboys - "We like to Party" track, which has accumulated over 2.3 million views in 1 year. Just this past month, the Jebaited song has gone RIAA certified Platinum in both the UK and US. This cover was created by the duo and has even landed Sordiway the awesome nickname "The Jebaited guy"!

Viral track "Jebaited" goes RIAA Platinum - 8/01/2020

While details on the album's release date and what type of genre(s) to expect haven't been released yet, some information has been leaked. Public records have shown studio sessions booked at a nearby Los Angeles recording studio with other notable Twitch musicians, such as Howeh and Constera. In addition, the upcoming album's track list was leaked, which can be found below:

  1. (4 Hour) Intro

  2. Uh Oh, I Pilled (feat. Lil Xan)

  3. All I Got is Marbles

  4. The Music of Twitch 2020 (feat. Constera)

  5. FeelsWeirdMan, Middle Finger, At Sennyk4 (feat. Syn4ack)

  6. Rajj Show Rigging (feet. Howeh)

  7. -Twitch, how the Fuck is Sordiway Not Partnered yet, It's not even a Joke at this Point- (interlude)

  8. Jebaited 2 (feat. Supercool)

  9. I am Musically Black (Koaster Ballad )

  10. Where would I be without Bean Shungite TriHard

  11. "Alright Guys..." (Outro)

We are excited to hear more about this upcoming project.

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