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JSchlatt rebrands himself to JCatt since that's the only thing he posts about anymore

Famous, rich, and handsome internet personality JSchlatt changes his online persona

If you follow JSchlatt on any social media platforms, then you've seen the invasion of Jambo over the past month-or-so. While everyone is a big fan of cute cat pictures on the internet, Schlatt has decided to avoid posting any content that doesn't include his cat. After seeing the amount of likes and impressions his cat farms, JSchlatt will officially be rebranding himself to "JCatt".

Fans of JSchlatt have been rioting in his offline chat for a 24/7 Jambo-cam stream, as they don't really care to actually see Schlatt anymore

With this news, we wanted to get a direct quote from the legend Jambo himself and see how he feels about Schlatt using his face for Twitter likes:

"Yeah fuck this guy. I was pumped when I finally got adopted but little did I know this dude was just gonna have a camera in my face all day. He even put my ass in a YouTube video as a tax write-off and didn't even offer a split of the ad revenue. Big Guy? More like Big Douche." - Jambo

Unbelievable. We will be sure to keep you updated with any more Jambo and JCatt news.

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