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Joe Rogan purchases rights for "The Yo Zone" podcast. Changes name to "Yo Rogan Experience"

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Celebrity host and DMT enthusiast Joe Rogan buys out Twitch's biggest podcast "The Yo Zone". Plans to merge his current podcast and re-brand to the "Yo Rogan Experience"

YoitsBrendan, soon to be new Co-Host, cashes out on massive deal merging 'The Yo Zone' podcast with the 'Joe Rogan Experience'.

Twitch, among other live streaming platforms, has grown a tremendous amount during the worldwide quarantine as millions are stuck at home starving for good online content. Included in this unprecedented amount of internet consumption comes the creation and flourishing of live shows. While Twitch has become a mecca of live podcasts each week featuring various streamers, athletes, and celebrities, only one has broken barriers unlike any other. That podcast is "The Yo Zone".

Anyways, yo.

"The Yo Zone" podcast has surpassed all other shows on the Twitch platform in both viewership and ratings, averaging about 215,000 concurrent viewers every broadcast. These achievements are undoubtedly due to the show's founder and host, YoitsBrendan. Brendan's ability to fit the phrase "yo" into every possible conversation makes for an interesting dynamic as the chat is always on the edge of their seat waiting for the next "yo". Topped with a stacked cast each show, "The Yo Zone" mastered the formula for internet success and Joe Rogan has definitely taken notice.

Anyways, yo.

Our reporters in the field noted to us that this deal has been in place for a little over a month but an announcement was yet to be released until Joe was re-stocked on his DMT fill. We were however able to get a photo from the two hosts meeting up at the studio.

Brendan and Joe Rogan meeting at Brendan's 7 acre Studio Lot in L.A -- 7/30/2020

The podcast's new title "Yo Rogan Experience" found a way to accommodate both Rogan's immense ego by needing his name in the title while also putting the most important word first.

Most people are familiar with Joe Rogan's current podcast, the "Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)", where he invites a guest on to discuss the types of drugs they've taken recently and what the current living situation in Los Angeles is like. While his podcast does generally well each episode, Joe has stated on a multitude of occasions that he wants to branch out to a younger, "more autistic" audience. So, what better place to do this than Twitch? Joe claims to be a self-titled "ex-gamer" since he played Quake nonstop for one weekend in like 1985 and won't shut up about it, but he felt this was enough credit to dive into the live gaming scene since it's "profitable" now.

Anyways, yo.

We got a chance to speak to Joe exclusively about this new purchase and what ultimately lead him to making the big decision.

Peepo Pieces: Yo, Joe.

Joe Rogan: Yo

And that about wrapped up all the time we had with Joe.

We have reports that Brendan is excited for this merger as well since his plan to successfully play the short-game of Twitch and cash out big will have been executed flawlessly. What was once an innovative website for passionate and entertaining people to broadcast themselves playing video games has slowly manifested itself into a hive mind of parasocial hierarchy with empty individuals determined to make their outward reflections better than reality... and Brendan was genius to exploit that flaw for a quick buck. He does plan to still Co-Host the new "Yo Rogan Experience" podcast though because who wouldn't want the easy clout.

Anyways, yo.

"I divorced my 2nd wife and signed a 6-figure deal with Joe on the same day. Being the host of the 'Yo Zone' isn't a task mediocre people could handle. It's no question why Joe wanted to make this decision. We're ready to take the 'Yo Rogan Experience' to the next level. Also yo" - Brendan

The first official "Yo Rogan Experience" podcast is scheduled for sometime in September. The cast for this kickoff show is as follows:

Anyways, yo.


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