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Jagex announces "Sailing" is finally coming to OSRS w/ B0aty as new Sailing Tutor NPC

After many years of begging from the OSRS community, Jagex is finally releasing the sailing skill

If there's one thing Jagex is good at, it's making sure the community has to wait tirelessly for the updates that they so desperately plead for. Included in this long list of items comes the newest addition: Sailing. After years of speculation and many r/2007scape karma-farming posts, the sailing skill has finally been introduced to Old School Runescape.

While Jagex was surprised to see how many people wanted the new skill, they were even more shocked that people still pay $11/month to play their game

Included in the new skill announcement was also mention of a streamer who would be added into the game as an NPC. This streamer is none other than B0aty, the once "homeless Ron Weasley lookalike" turned "Tatted-up, ginger chad". B0aty will be the official OSRS Sailing skill tutor NPC located on a pier in north Rellekka. While Jagex claims the reason for adding B0aty as an NPC was due to his brand of oceans & whales matching the theme of sailing, our sources report the real reason is because B0aty's community alone makes up 20% of OSRS's currently active paying members.

The "Sailor B0aty" NPC located in North Rellekka

We here at Peepo Pieces were able to reach out to B0aty and get an official statement on his addition to the beloved game that has trapped many folks for years.

"Being added as an NPC to Runescape after all these years is such an accomplishment. It's like getting your own statue in a famous museum... if that museum only let in people over the age of 25 who are willing to pay $11 a month for a 20 year old game." - B0aty

Incredible words from the ginger himself. We thank B0aty for pausing his intense, ear-buzzing house music for 10 seconds to give us a quote on the situation.

We are excited to see the sailing skill finally come to OSRS and have B0aty be the first person ready to greet us when we get there.

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