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Indiefoxx lands $2M Sharpie partnership deal after CEO watches her stream

The current Queen of Just Chatting Indiefoxx secures a 7-figure deal with Sharpie

If you've been browsing the Just Chatting section at night over the past few months, then you've probably seen an influx of girlfriend simulator clones farming Twitch Primes to lonely computer science majors. However, one Just Chatting streamer who goes by the name Indiefoxx decided to switch up the game and become a human notebook by writing any subs/donators usernames onto her skin. This led to an interest spark from the CEO of Sharpie for a partnership.

If Indiefoxx isn't turning herself into a human Shakespeare novel, she can usually be found on her stream building suspense for her next hot tub outfit change

We reached out to Sharpie to get some comments on the situation. After speaking to them, it seems they have been in the market for a Twitch streamer sponsorship but couldn't find one that really fit their model. After seeing how many sharpies Indiefoxx goes through on a single stream, they knew they had found the one. They even told us some exciting news... Indie will soon be writing subs with... different color sharpies!!! WOOOO!!

Picture of the used Sharpies from Indiefoxx's bed after one of her Twitch streams -- (3/6/2021)

Lastly, we spoke to Indiefoxx on her newest sponsorship to get some insight into what made her a good fit for Sharpie:

"I was so happy when Sharpie reached out to me. I must go through at least 20 sharpies a night. Don't get me started on how quickly they fade during the hot tub streams. I just hope they can survive the 5 nightly outfit changes!" - Indiefoxx

WOW! Big congrats to Indiefoxx, can't wait to see this new partnership in action!

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