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Heyimbee gets her own Apex Legends character added into the game

Respawn Entertainment decided to surprise Bee with her very own character for their new season

Popular Twitch streamer and OG VRChat icon Heyimbee has just heard the announcement that she was added into Apex Legends as the next playable character. While Respawn most likely chose Bee for the new character since she is the only Apex-sponsored streamer who still plays the game after her sponsored times, the confirmed reason is still TBD. Either way, you can log on right now and play as Bee!

The new character was released just 6 hours ago and already has more microtransaction purchases than every other champion's sales combined

This new Apex character's main theme is distraction. The character is equipped with abilities to make their opponent forget what they were doing mid-battle and focus on the distractions (like a temptress version of Mirage). Also for her ultimate ability, Bee casts a selfie photo into the sky that all players must look at for 3 seconds, as an ultimate distraction.

In-Game photo of Bee's ultimate ability being used -- 11/7/2020

With this new character announcement, Bee's community has been very excited to play as their favorite streamer in a dead video game. Amongst all of her active followers, we reached out to the biggest simp in her entire community to get a word on what they thought of Apex's game addition:

"I bought every skin available for Bee's character the minute it released. I will not stop playing Apex Legends for as long as I live. If I solo queue and someone takes Bee, I will leave the lobby and find a new one until I can play as her. This is the greatest day of my life" - Empirrre

We're glad to see Bee getting so much support for this new character. We would try it out for ourselves but we haven't had Apex installed since Season 2 so... for the 1,000 total players still grinding the game out, have fun!!

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