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Hasan Piker & Will Neff announce exclusive Twitch interview with Trump's Medical Staff

The dynamic streaming duo plan to expand their content horizons with this one-of-a-kind broadcast

Professional Twitter tab-opener Hasan Piker and luscious locks heartthrob Will Neff are teaming up to bring the first meaningful Twitch stream since TwitchPlaysPokemon by conducting a live interview with Donald Trump's medical staff. Will and Hasan both knew it would be amazing content to interview the group of Doctors and watch them construct mediocre loophole responses to each question, which seems to be their second profession after witnessing yesterday's diagnosis report.

The Doctors only agreed to the interview if Hasan deletes all of his DMs, as hospitals around the U.S continually fill up with heart-broken female "Just Chatting" streamers who thought they had a chance with him

The duo plan to run a Good Cop/Bad Cop dynamic when asking the medical team questions, but with cops currently being a touchy subject they decided to re-label it as the OkayChamp/WeirdChamp dynamic. Neff can ask the light, entertaining questions to farm some KEK or LUL W's before Hasan bursts into the conversation to call them "weasley little liars".

(Although hard to tell, this image is PHOTOSHOPPED... as Hasan's head-to-shoulder ratio is way too normal)

While their good/bad dynamic is sure to draw Trump's true medical status out of the Doctors, Will and Hasan decided to go one step further to uncover the truth. You may not have noticed in yesterday's public announcement video, but if you look closely... there might be a familiar face hiding in the background.

You might recognize this person as Will and Hasan's actor friend Margaux Brooke, who went undercover as a Navy Nurse to get the unfiltered truth after the press conference. Our sources report the information Margaux received during her day of "nursing" will surely shock the world but she is waiting to reveal anything until the interview stream. However, Margaux was nice enough to give us at Peepo Pieces a statement on her experience:

In a day completely surrounded by infected people and a good chance at catching a deadly disease... I can firmly say meeting Trump was the worst part of the entire experience" - Margaux Brooke

We thank Margaux for her time. You can catch her streaming a variety of games almost every day HERE.

It's truly incredible the lengths us Americans must go to discover the truth behind public affairs. We're sure Hasan and Will's exclusive interview will be nothing short of amazing and we are looking forward to seeing it. Until then, you can watch Hasan click links in his Chatterino tab here and Will probably dancing to the Bad Boy Chiller Crew track here.

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