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GreekGodX ditching his streaming career to be the new president of CrossFit

Twitch's favorite fitness guru GreekGodX is leaving the world of streaming behind to be the new frontman for CrossFit

Anyone who's watched Greek over the past year has been lucky enough to witness his incredible transition. Of course we are talking about his transition from being a react-only streamer to being a react AND Call of Duty-only streamer! One thing you probably didn't notice however was his newfound love of fitness, which has sparked a big enough interest for him to quit the game of Twitch and dedicate his life to running CrossFit.

While Greek's community is saddened by this news, they can feel relieved knowing he was going to ditch anyway if one of the many E-Girls on Twitter ever agreed to be his girlfriend

Greek's dedication to fitness not only landed him the confidence to unleash the black hammer during some of his on-stream workouts, but also made him the perfect candidate to be the new CrossFit president. Since the majority of people who workout with CrossFit only do it for aesthetic, Greek's pull to the Twitch demographic was a great business plan since Twitch viewers just want to look good enough for their favorite female streamer to follow them back on Twitter rather than gaining any actual health benefits.

Greek announcing his new position at the annual CrossFit Convention -- 10/6/2020

One person who will also benefit from Greek's announcement to ditch is none other than the Twitter legend himself, Konzn. When Greek signed the CrossFit contract, he also made a 7-figure business deal with Konzn to re-boot the ditching tweets to keep his Twitch momentum alive in case he accidently drives CrossFit to bankruptcy.

We reached out to Konzn for a statement on the situation:

"If I can keep this Greek guy relevant during his months of ditching before, I can sure as hell do it again for the few weeks he runs this company. Trust me, this dude needs me more than anything. Also, TriHard 7 bois" - Konzn

We are curious to see how Greek's leadership will change the CrossFit company and whether its for the better or worse. Either way, big congratulations to Mr. Grekler! (and Happy [1-day late] Birthday!!)

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