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Google acquires Twitch from Amazon for $1.7 billion, site to be merged with Youtube by 2022

That's right. Your worst nightmare just came true... you will be forced to use Youtube's UI soon.

Over the past few years Twitch has really taken a hit on overall content (and how much their staff decides to follow their own Terms-of-Service guidelines). Regardless of any subjective views, it's undeniable that Amazon has really dug their dirty fingers into the fertile soil that is the Twitch community recently. However, it seems Mr. Bezos decided to abandon this burning ship, even though he lit the match.

Amazon has been looking for ways to increase their employees' wages to "livable" and didn't even realize they own a profitable company to sell

Unfortunately for Twitch Partners, any badges and privileges will be completely revoked when transitioning over to Youtube. This has caused a lot of drama to stir on Twitter amongst certain partners since being mildly popular on Twitch is the only thing going for them in life. Thus, no longer can some of them feel like the cool kids at the lunch table... but will be competing for attention against the Minecraft Youtuber Empire.

Minecraft Youtuber "Dream" chiming in on the new Twitch/Youtube merger -- 12/27/2020

Another big hit to this news is the realization that live chat is no longer going to have BTTV or FFZ emotes. While a large majority of newfrogs on Twitch probably assume those acronyms are Tommyinnit's Minecraft keybinds, the real Twitch OG's know these are what make the platform so good. The CEO of Youtube, Susan Wojcicki, has commented on this specific topic, as she was an "FFZ Emote Approver" before her time at Youtube:

"BTTV and FFZ hold a special place in my heart.... but it has to be left in the past. The reign of Pepe and Peepo must come to end, as the rise of emojis is upon us. Embrace your fearless leader: 😂" - Susan Wojcicki (Youtube CEO)

We're interested to see how this merger will be executed and hope any Twitch partners get their last few moments of fame before becoming full-time Mincrafte... i mean, Youtubers!

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