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GeorgeNotFound announces he is QUITTING Youtube to become a full-time Zookeeper

Popular Youtube star GeorgeNotFound has just announced on the #LoveOrHost show that he is quitting Youtube to become a full-time Zookeeper

GeorgeNotFound has become one of Youtube's biggest stars by playing Minecraft with a dude named Dream. While somehow Minecraft is booming in popularity regardless of it being a 10+ years old, this hasn't stopped the 13 year old invasion of viewers. George and his friends have become the new face of Youtube with their WILD and WACKY content.

George averages about 7-8 million views on each video, and for his age he is set for life. This guy could buy a Lamborghini Aventador and a 30,000 sq. ft mansion but instead plays Minecraft all day. So overall his life decisions are questionable, which makes a lot of sense why he is giving it up to go work an actual full-time job.

George at the San Francisco Zoo during his training -- 09/04/2020

George has always shown a deep love for animals in his videos, hence why he plays Minecraft all the time. If he's not building portals or hunting the same mobs each day, then George is most likely feeding cows in-game. This sparked his interest in making it a full time position.

George is known to try and stop his friends from killing animals in Minecraft and get them to transition to using bread as food

We reached out to George's buddy Dream for a quote on his new career path.

"Cool" - Dream

Big words from Dream.

We are excited to see George pursue his true passion for animals and give up the children's' video game route.

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