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FaZe Clan flies YetiApocalypse to Antarctica after his big "Among Us" Tournament win

The Among Us star will be celebrating his big victory by freezing his ass off in the South Pole

Last night FaZe Clan held one of the most organized and sensible gaming tournaments that E-Sports has ever seen. No... not Fortnite. We're talking Among Us. Although it was pretty much Crewmate simulator for most of the tournament, YetiApocalypse came out on top against many of the top players to secure the 1st Place prize pool and "Greatest Among Us Player" title. However, it seems Yeti plans to celebrate his victory in a very unique way.

FaZe Clan initially offered Yeti a trip to Disney World for his big victory, but he declined after stating the Disney characters in costume gave him imposter PTSD flashbacks

While we assumed Yeti would be traveling to Antarctica since it matches his brand, he actually claims his reason for traveling there is to regain his sanity after hearing Train say "Noooo Shot" for 3 hours straight yesterday. Antarctica is pretty much the furthest you can get away from Trainwrecks, so it as the perfect fit. Yeti also does plan to do some IRL streams from the base station in Antarctica which will be a first for Twitch.

We also hear Yeti will be visiting the actual location in Antarctica where the Polus map got it's inspiration from!

The Polus map is actually a real location scouted somewhere in Northern Antarctica

We reached out to popular Among Us content creator 5up who came in 2nd in the FaZe Clan tournament for a comment on this situation.

"I honestly think I had the tournament win in the bag but got screwed over by Imposter rounds. Yeti can have his little vacation... but I might just hop in the airplane vent before takeoff and get a free trip too" - 5up

We hope Yeti (and possibly 5up) enjoy their well deserved vacations and will await the return of the amazing Among Us streams.

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