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Esfand quits World of Warcraft to stream Runescape fulltime

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Legendary WoW and Variety streamer EsfandTV has decided to part ways with the Alliance and join the battle for Gielinor in Runescape

Shocking news emerged last night that EsfandTV will be hanging up his paladin boots for some shiny new Dragon boots in the Runescape section, as he announced his official plans to switch games. Esfand has become a streaming staple in the World of Warcraft section over the past few years for his ret paladin skills and ability to make watching retail gameplay entertaining. While the Classic WoW phase diminished in excitement about 2 hours after it launched, Esfand is hoping to get a similar spark by playing classic Runescape (Old School).

Esfand revealed the many cooking streams in the past have been in preparation to effectively grind a 99 Cooking cape in OSRS

There has always been a big debate among the gaming community whether World of Warcraft or Runescape is the king of MMO's. While both games are surviving solely off of nostalgia and low-effort additions, the "classic" editions of each game have been reviving communities more and more each month. Esfand has taken notice of OSRS's rise to popularity since 2016 and believes he can propel the Twitch section to new heights. Immediately after Esfand broke this news on Twitter, Asmongold was already reacting to videos in the Runescape category to build off of the hype.

Blizzard released an official statement after hearing this news since Esfand was a major part of the WoW community and helped build Classic's release.

Jagex, the developer of Runescape, was delighted to hear the news of a big streamer migrating to the category, as the OSRS community's reputation is still trying to recover from the Cx invasion. Apparently Jagex offered Esfand a lifetime bounty to play Runescape after seeing the constant positivity in chat and the "Daily EsfandOkay" Retweet each morning. This is most likely why Esfand is switching but we can make it appear as if we're pushing a wholesome narrative.

Members of the Twitch community had opinions to share on this announcement as well, including the biggest content creator in the WoW category... McconnellRet. We reached out to McCool for a statement on the situation. He was kind enough to take a 2 minute break from providing all the content on Asmongold's stream and talk to us.

"I don't blame Esfand for switching games. World of Warcraft is a shit fucking game and anyone who still plays it sucks too. Good for him." - McconnellRet

We thank Mcconnell for his time.

Peepo Pieces is excited to see Esfand start streaming in the Old School Runescape category soon and will be sure to provide any new updates once they arrive.

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