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EmiOk reveals she will officially be "living in VR Chat" by next month

Popular content creator EmiOk is ditching the real world shitshow and officially becoming the first permanent VR Chat resident

Popular Twitch streamer, content creator, and professional rebrander Emi (EmiOk) has decided that life in the real world is too boring and will be officially residing in VR Chat to live freely as a thick thighed, double cheeked up anime cat girl. Thus, by next month Emi will be the first person to live in Virtual Reality forever.

While real life does have nice perks like desserts or the sensation of touching another human, Emi knew nothing compared to sharing some brews with the boys in The Great Pug

Emi has been a huge name across the VR Chat world for the past few years since she usually provides all the content for whatever streamer or Youtuber she is hanging out with. Since every person who plays VR Chat feels the need to stream their point of view even if they're all in the same lobby, Emi's ability to be entertaining spread like wildfire. Since the majority of people in real life aren't always streaming their perspective, Emi's entrepreneurial spirit decided it was a smart business move to switch realities.

In order to fully commit to this change, Emi will be undergoing a VIVE-Transplant so she cannot take off the headset. This surgery will be done by the highest rated Surgeon Simulator player on the Steam Leaderboards.

Post-surgery photo of Emi with VIVE equipment permanently attached to her body -- September 23rd, 2020

While living a life surrounded by voluptuous anime women and meme-of-the-month avatars sounds great, Emi's friends and family are sad they won't be able to chill with her without orbiters awkwardly watching the whole time. However, Emi's group of friends who also play VR Chat will be excited to hear the great news. So long as VR Chat never gets deleted from the Steam Store then there's no real downside to this transition!

We reached out to one of Emi's good VR Chat friends, Drumsy, to see how he feels on the recent news.

"This is exciting news for both Emi and myself. She will get to live the anime cat girl life she always desired and I'll be able to use her for even more of my Youtube thumbnails! It's a win-win situation" - Drumsy

Seems like life in the virtual world might be worth moving to as long as you're entertaining and/or get a hot avatar commissioned for you.

We are excited to see Emi's adventures in VR Chat and pray she doesn't get stuck in any public lobbies anytime soon.

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