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"Emerson Enterprises" plummets U.S Stock Market 1 day after Erobb221 becomes CEO

The United States stock market has just had the biggest single-day drop since the 2008 financial crisis

Millions of Americans are waking up to the news that another financial crisis similar to the one in 2007-2008 is about to hit thanks to one man's lack of leadership. Former alcoholic college student and now full time alcoholic parent Erobb221 has single-handedly sent the stock market plummeting just one day after becoming the CEO of Emerson Enterprises. Although the CEO position was just meant to be a temporary fill while Emerson takes her nap time, the repercussions of Lamont's actions are permanent.

One of the driving factors that caused a crash this massive was Erobb's decision to invest $10 million dollars into Coors Light; arguably the most painfully average beer on the market

Lamont's rise up the corporate ladder came when Emerson had to take a few weeks off for mandatory nap time, as all successful toddlers must. The fame and power quickly shot to Erobb's head, as he used every single 100 bit TTS donation money from the past 3 years for his "Swag" emote to be shown on half the NY Stock Exchange trading floor screens just to boost his ego.

Unfortunately, this caused a butterfly effect leading to thousands of necessary trades to be missed, thus crashing the market.

NY Stock Exchange trading floor in absolute chaos this morning during the crisis -- 10/16/2020

When Emerson woke up from her nap, she was not shocked by her father's actions in the slightest... but knew there was not much she could do. Before she takes back the reigns of her multi-trillion dollar enterprise, Emerson was able to give us a quote on the situation:

"I really don't know what I was thinking putting this guy in charge of a trillion dollar company. Lamont has literally transferred the wonk in his eye to a wonk the nation's economic chart. I should have put someone with REAL leadership skills in charge... like Wantep" - Emerson

Kind of rude Erobb would culminate all of his previous bad luck into one massive L for the entire country to suffer through. Not very 4Love of him at all. At least it will be some decent content watching Erobb attempt to fix this mess on-stream.

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