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Edgy suburban white kid who grew up playing Minecraft gets exposed for not being ideal role model!

This may come as a big surprise to many of you, but YouTubers might not be the best role models!

That's right folks, you heard the news. Yet another young adult who grew up in white middle class suburbia playing Minecraft with his friends on Xbox Live who became a massive YouTuber for some reason has been exposed for saying bad words! Absolutely insane and outright unexpected that someone who gained absurd popularity over the course of 18 months has been exposed for not being a perfect human being their entire life. 14 year old girls with creeper posters on their walls are in complete shambles right now.

When news broke that said YouTuber used edgy humor 6 years ago, fans were quick to jump on Twitter and reminisce how peaceful it was 6 years ago when they were in the womb and didn't have to experience such horrific mishap.

With all the uproar occurring on Twitter about this YouTuber getting cancelled, it's also very important to remember how much we appreciate using the text identifiers so we can tell what kind of tweet you are making! For example, /s means sarcastic and /srs means a serious post. So it's very likely anyone who actually gives a fuck about what minecraft youtubers do are lowkey dumb as hell /srs no /J.

Stop putting Minecraft on our feed. We don't care what Sheldon did when he was 13 years old now that he's some "popular" internet person for playing a 12 year old game. Shut up.

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